Ricchi International was founded in May 2003 as a contractor Ltd company. The partners, that is the Ricchi brothers (Muzio, Lamberto, Giovanni and Cleto) and their nephew Marco as key account manager, took this step to meet the specific requirement of the company to adapt market changes.

Customers’ needs led the Ricchi family to create a more flexible company, which could offer land haulage and groupage services (consignments from 1 to 10 pallets up to a full truck).The growing haulage activity could no longer be based on individual companies, as it had been so far.

The requirements of a large group such as Continental (one of the major customers of Ricchi International) did not allow a fragmentation among the individual companies of the brothers who, if they had worked together for a very long time, were to identify within a common modern and efficient unit.

The Continental AG group ( a leading company in the tyre market) represents for the Ricchi brothers – and even before, for Mr. Odoardo Ricchi, the head of the family – a historical company and a collaboration that started at the beginning of the Seventies.

Since then, the father before and then his sons have always been proud of this customer, not just because of work. In fact, this group still asks Ricchi International to carry out its haulage services. In time, the collaboration, the level of service (always of a high level and meeting the company’s requirements) and the quantity of hauled merchandise have grown exponentially.

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